The company's greatest value is its people. TNI Group achieves its success and progress thanks to a great team of people who enjoy their work.
Our Team

Our team

Owner/Chairman of the BoD

Tomáš Novák

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Economist, investor and expert in investment in real estate, development and construction. Graduate of the University of Economics. Tomáš graduated the Real Estate Management program at Harvard University. Founder and owner of the investment and real estate group TNI Group, which operates in the Czech Republic and Florida, USA. During his career he has realized projects  in the amount of more than CZK 3 billion.


Jakub Kořínek

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Investment advisor and group's investment analyst. More than 15 years of investment experience in various segments.

Head of property management

Petra Nováková

Management of the group's real estate portfolio, including facility management.

Member of the board of directors.

Head of Real Estate

Jana Jančová

Implementation, management of development projects and real estate activities services.

Member of the board of directors.

Member of the BoD

David Fogad

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Managing activities related to Fond Českého Bydlení SICAV, a.s. and project management within TNI group.

Member of the board of directors.


Blanka Hrubá

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Travel management and TRAVEL FAMILY group.

Head of Accounting

Marie Janůjová

Management of accounting, tax and payroll agende and managing of Ekotom Bohemia.

CEO, Kovotour Plus

Lenka Hajtmanová

Management of Kovtour Plus travel agency.

Head of USA projects

Adam Žert

Property and project management in Florida, USA.

Startups and Business Development

Tomáš Dočekal

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Startups, innovations, business development.


Luka Švragulja

Coordinator of group's activities in Croatia.​