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Group profile

We are a long-term partner and investor 

TNI GROUP is a real estate and investment group that focuses on real estate management, development projects, investments in promising and growing segments. It has been operating on the Czech market for more than 20 years, focusing mainly on real estate and retail services. The group's assets exceed 1mld.CZK. In addition to the Czech Republic, it also operates in the USA, Slovakia, Poland and Croatia. In the development segment, the group carries out the construction of residential, office and commercial projects. In the field of retail services, it mainly focuses on recreational and entertainment activities, tourism and economic consulting.


We look for market opportunities and invest where we see strong growth potential for the future. We invest in equity participations of medium-sized companies in growth segments and in interesting projects. We carry out acquisitions, manage capital participations and develop companies. We come up with ideas and projects in a segment with growing demand, especially in the field of retail leisure services (entertainment, tourism). We finance projects with a combination of our own and external resources. We create projects and long-term partnerships with our financial and capital partners.

We focus on real estate and retail services.

Real Estate

We actively seek market opportunities and invest where we see strong potential for development. We focus on residential construction and commercial real estate. Thanks to the Czech housing fund, we are actively operating in the Czech Republic as a segment of rental housing, which has a great perspective and an interesting long-term evaluation. We provide complete services related to the management of active real estate, including economic, commercial, technical, operational and legal services. 

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